Can GC process be started for my own H1B even if my spouse's GC process has been started

Hi All,
Need some giudance here to save some time on my H1B(6 year limit).

my current visa status : H1B (no GC process started yet and 2 and half years limit used as of now)
Currently my company cannot file my green card prcoess due budget issues in this pandemic.

My spouse visa status: also has H1B and GC process started(I!40 approval received).

Question here is:

  • in future, can my employer or any other employer file my GC process even if my spouse has his GC process already in progress. Is this possible from USCIS perspective ??
    I just want to maintain my indepedent visa status(H1B) and not having I140 approval soon will lead to usage of whole 6 year limit and I will have to end up in H4 EAD status.

Any thoughts here please ??

Thanks & Regards,