Can find new employer for H1B approved petition in USA


I’ve H1B petition approved for FY 2012-2013. My company is not finding client to stamp H1. Mean while my husband is in US. I’m planning to resign existing job & join him on H4 in december this year.

My question is

  1. can I find new employer in US and use my approved petition before Sep 2013 (petition expiry date)?

  2. If yes can I have h1b stamping/status change in US only without going to outside US?

  3. Can my existing company revoke/cancel my petition as soon as I resign.

Thanks in advanced.

MrSani, let me add a question from my END.

  1. If I have received Approval and i797 or approved file #, what benefits I can in-cash and what hurdeles i can find while filing CAP-Exempt or fesh h1b. if I quit the job - since i can go US with diffrent visa class.

I too have same situation.Approved petition but stamping not done,hence hard copy of petition not with me.Answer to ur questions below :
answer 1 - yes, if u find an employer who can get it transferred but you will need the petition hard copy for it.
answer 2 - no,you will have to appear for PA in same country from where petition is filed.
answer 3 - Even I don’t know , will let you know soon as I am planning resignation soon .