Can expect the clock reset after 1 yr stay out of US?

Hello expert,

I stayed in US for approx 3years on L1B from during 2010-13. My L1B extention was denied in 9th Sept '2013 and immediatly i retunred back to India. 

However, on positive side, i got H1B approved in 2013 cap and now i got stemped as well, which is valid for three years.

Appreicate if you can clarify, What is the stay-period in US that i can expect on H1B if 

	I travel [b]before [/b]9th Sept'2013 

	[b]After [/b]9th Sept 2013. I assume, in this option, clock will reset and i can 6 years totoal validity

Thank you in advance.


  1. Clock is still running with exception of Sep 2013 - date of travel before Sep 2014.

  2. Clock is reset for 6 yrs after your departure from the US. Clock 365 days. It is not the date of denial of L1/H1 extn denial, its the date of departure.