Can employer fire me legally by saying they can't pay me below the LCA amt?

My employer is lowering my salary below the LCA mininum amount. I want to tell them that they can’t pay me below that amount. They are not changing my position and I will be doing the same duties. I am afraid if I bring this up to them they will fire me and not have to deal with it.

Do they have legal rights to fire me if I bring up the LCA amount? Would that be consider retailation from the company? I do need the job but I feel they are trying to take advantage of my situation.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Please bring this up. Your employer must not pay you less than the LCA amount. It is illegal according to the US work rules.

However it is up to you to decide. If it would disturb your relation with employer then I suggest you hold on, provided that your pay is atmost 2k less than LCA.

The employer is going to reduce my salary by almost half. Their reasoning is my title has changed but none of my duties have. I’m afraid if I bring it up they’ll fire me then I would have to leave the states. I read I can file a compliant with DOL with WH4 form. Should I pursue that?

I suggest talking to an attorney before going this route so that you know your rights and know how to handle employer’s retaliation.