Can dependent travel to US, when the primary person's L1 B VISA expired?

My L1 B VISA has expired on Jul, 2012 but I have I94 valid till May, 2015.Can my wife travel to USA as my dependent , since l am in USA and am holding a valid I94?

Is this legal, if so what do I have to do? If not is there any other way to bring her here?

I think she should not have any problem unless her L2 validity has also expired. It is better to keep a copy of your I-94 with her when she enters.

Always consult your company immigration lawyer for the same to be on the safer side.

If the L2 VISA has expired she cannot enter US based your valid L1. To get to her to US, you will have to file for L1 extension (as well as L2), get her L2 stamped and then only she will be able to travel.