Can anyone have two approved H1B visa?

I have approved H1b petition and Visa. Now my current organization ABC is not interested to send me US. My manager is saying I will have to wait for next 1 year or more.

I am in discussion with US based consultant XYZ. This consultant will transfer my petition.

When I resign from my current organization then they will cancel my H1B Visa and Petition. So I am in planning to go for re-stamping of H1B visa with new approved H1B petition from XYZ.

Now I have few questions:

	Will US consulate cancel my existing visa from ABC and will approve new visa from XYZ?

	Is there any possibility, US consulate deny visa from XYZ and also cancel visa from ABC?

	Can anyone have two approved H1B visa? Let us say in my case I have visa from ABC and also get visa from XYZ too.

#1. They will make the decision after reviewing case file documents. Cancellations may or may not happen, new approvals are given out regardless

#2. No, that will not happen unless you by any actions (known or unknown) are responsible for first employer’s decision. If first employer has economic challenges, you are ‘Not at fault’

#3. Yes, happens frequently. Company economic situations are very fluid in the US, cash positions change and this affects their ability to pay new employees. As I said, not your fault at all.

Wish you the very best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.

Thanks Dr. Sandeep