Can an employer file for H4-EAD prior to 180 days of expiration in case of change of employer?

I am on H1-B and my spouse is on H4-EAD [expiration Jan 2021]. If i move to a different firm, can the new firm apply for H1B, H4 and H4-EAD concurrently earlier than 180 days.

Can the H4-EAD be filed earlier than 180 days in case of change of employer?

Well, if you have it valid for over a year, you may not need to file it now. While there is no rule that says you cannot file, USCIS may question why you need to file that as it is valid. Few attorney’s suggested that you not file it now…few says it is ok…I would check with your attorney at the new firm filing for it. Also, do share your feedback after you speak to them.