Can a small business sponsor an H1B for me?

I have an MBA from a reputable University in US and currently on OPT, 10 years working experience in Marketing and Management outside the US. Can a small company such as a furniture company or beauty salon store sponsor an H1B for me? They have from 5 - 10 employees, founded 5 - 10 years ago, business in good shape.

well, i am not an expert on this field but from India, H1-Bs are almost always given to companies with large operations worldwide.Thats not to say, others can’ avail this facility but i have seen, smaller the company, time it takes is substantial(appliation filing,waiting period,221 queries etc).

I know there are much higher chances to get your H1B application approved if you are sponsored by a large Tech company. However, I dont have tech background and dont’ live off the pay checks so I am planning to apply for small companies in small states so I won’t have to pay much for tax :slight_smile:

H-1 through small company can get approved, if they can show that they have enough funds to pay you the salary and have a job/requirement matching your skillset.