Can a H1B Employee work other than IT sector

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I am a H1B employee working in IT sector. My H1B is filed for Oracle Apps Developer position. I would like to switch my field other than IT. Is it possible to switch my career other than IT being a H!B worker.

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When you say other than IT, be specific which are you want to explore your career?

For example if you want to become a chef, it would be a different visa. If you want to move towards farming/agriculture it would be a different visa… etc.,

Hi Jathin,

My H1 has been field for Developer position in IT sector. Can I switch my career to marketing sector?

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While I do know people how do work on H1 in Sales, Marketing, BD etc. It can get tricky and really depends on your employer. This means if its a technical marketing job where a 4 year degree is required, you do probably qualify.

H1B would be issued based on qualification(degree) and experience. Which ever sector you would like to change, it should matches to the previous one to some extent. otherwise it can’t be possible.