Came to Usa in B1 got H1B approval with valid petition ,Will i get rejected in Stamping while travel to India

Came to USA in B1 and applied for H1B in less than 15 days .Got H1B approved.Worked in USA as contractor for 3 years.Also got H1B extension approved for a year. Will i get rejected while i travel to India for stamping.Any answers related would be of great help.Thanks in advance.

There is no surety what will happen during the stamping. As you have stayed in US on H-1 for close to 3-4 years, I don’t think it would be an issue. But as per their discretion, the VO may still ask why H-1 was applied within 15 days of entering US (even though USCIS has already addressed that when approving original H-1).