Called SEVP Response Center twice. One said pending change of status. The other said no change. What does that mean?

My OPT Extension will expire this June. My employer applied for h1b for me this year.

Now the lottery is done. I heard that by calling this number 703-603-3400 and ask for current SEVIS status. I can know whether I’m lottery-picked. Contact Us | SEVIS | ICE

If they say “pending change of status”, then i’m picked. And if nothing changed, I’m not picked.

I called twice today. The first lady said I have a pending change of status. Then I figured I need the receipt number and called again. The second lady is less patient and said there’s no pending change on my status, that I’m active F1, that they experience unusually high call volume today and even asked how I got their number…

Can anyone explain to me what they mean? Am I picked or not? Thank you all…

The second response was arbitrary, the officer did not look up anything, just told you not to call again. I would rely more on the first response.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,