Business travel to Geneva with expired H1B Visa


I need to tarvel to Geneva, Switzerland in October 2014 for a week for official meeting.I’m in US since Feb 2012 & I’m holding an H1B visa which is expiring on Sept 30 2014 , though I have a I797 valid petition approved till May 2015. My question is :-

  • What process do I need to follow to get the stamping done in Swizerland. Do I need to fill DS160 & schedule a appointment with US Consulate at Bern Switzerland ?

  • Is recommended to get the stamping done in foreign country or is it risky ?

  • How much average time will it take for stamping process, do I need to stay there or I can get the stamped same day ?

Any response and help will be appreaciated.

Thanks & Regards


Everybody has to fill DS160 form, make payment and then take appointment

In switzerland 3 possibilities exist

1- Your application will not be accepted . you would be asked to apply in Home country.

2- Yr application will be accepted . But you will be issued 221-G. – Application on hold.

3- You will be granted visa. Time taken unknown

My advise to you would be

Go to switzerland. Finish yr work. Then go To India. Get the visa stamped and return to USA