Business Analyst job in USA


I have total 7 years of IT experience out of which 5 years as Business Analyst. My visa got expired on Sep 30 2014. I would like to work as Business Analyst in USA. Now I have asked one of known employers to do cap exemption. Initially he was ok to process but when I said, I am a BA he stopped replying to my messages. I understood from my friend who is working as tester that, the jobs for BA profile are less in USA . If at all we get job, billing will be less. Is it true?

Kindly answer my query.

Thanks in advance.

Your consideration is partly right. BA roles are tough to get but not less in US, Unlike technical roles, the BA competency can not be proven much through resume or in other words companies who have an opening for BA role don’t prefer relying on the words from resumes. Instead they go to consultancies or look out for higher experience sheet and recruit people from other companies of high esteem (according to them). Even Business domain preference play’s a role.

Secondly to answer your question on billing…It is not good to think so. !! Myself being a BA know for sure the demand for that role and the salary associated. BA roles too have high billing; sometimes more than tech roles

I can suggest that you expand your search and you yourself would find a new answer.