British citizen wants to apply for USA F1 visa.

British citizen, from London.Done my graduation on Business Information Technology from University Of Greenwich,London, applied for USA F1 visa to do MS related to my subject. My 2 kids and my husband also applied as my dependent. We have council property here in London, my husband doing full time job and early income around 35,000K, I am also working as part time. Me and my husband both will take career leave if we get visa,My uncle who lives there sponsoring me and will stay at his place too, going to face visa interview very soon. what do you think, will they approve or reject me? pls reply.

Bottom line: Visa officer considers you that you would go to US and settle down there for ever. Its your core responsibility to prove that he/she is wrong. How? Show your strong ties to your OWN country England.

Having said that, here is my suggestion: DONT apply for your spouse and kid’s dependent visa along with your F visa. The reason is that it would WEAKEN your argument of your strong ties back to your country that you will come back. How? Lets say your spouse, kids, your property, your own house, your parents, your part time job etc back left in your country. Then there is a strong reason for you to come back to UK after your studies. In the other case, if you are hauling them along with you, you dont have a strong reason to come back. Given this clue, try to work out your situation so that you can show a very strong reason that you need to come back.

Hint: Once you get your visa, you can apply for your spouse and kids visa which would be pretty straight forward.

The second point that you need to care for is that you need to show that you will not become financially burden to USA. Your relative sponsoring would be a great help(There is an affidavit of support that your relative can execute as a part of your visa paperwork). Also show your OWN current assets, cash balance etc as an evidence that you will be financially strong to complete this course.

These are just a couple of clues where you have some more to work it out before attending for the interview.

I wish you and your family the best in your plan for higher studies in the states. Good luck