Breaking the Non-competition clause of a contract with the employer

I have a contract with my employer based on which after working with them for 2000 hours on a project, I should be able to terminate the contract and the terms. Now, I joined a long term project with a client through a vendor and I am close to completing 1 year (i.e. 2000 hours) with that company/client. I should be out of the contract with my employer after this but they have a ‘Non-competiton’ clause according to which I cannot continue with the same client either as a full-time employee or directly with the client’s vendor or any other way. The only way I can do that is continuing my relationship with the employer and giving them a percentage cut. My question is what if I disregard/break the contract with my employer and go directly with the client’s vendor? Is there any other way I can get out of the contract and continue with the same client. FYI, I am a GC holder.

Those non-compete laws are followed strictly in some states.

If the client really wants to hire you, then show the contract to their attorney and seek their opinion.