Blanket L1-B reuse. Have an unexpired I-129S and I94

Following are the details for my visa status:1. L1-B visa stamp validity on passport from Company A: June 20172. I-129S validity from Company A: June 20173. I94 Validity: July 20174. Travelled to US on L1-B from July 2014- September 2014 for company A work.I am in India now, left company A and working for a different company B. Company A has offered me a job in US and wanted to reuse my existing L1B. Its a blanked L1. I am hopeful that they should be able to use my existing L1B visa. But Company A has now assigned an attorney for me and he is checking with Chennai US consulate on whether I need to apply for a new L-1 visa at the consulate or can resuse the L1-B.I was initially thinking that the case is simple reuse but with latest happenings, worried about the outcome. Any expert comments whether the L1-B visa of company A can be re-used to join company A again in US, given the visa status above ?

I think A can reuse the visa as long as A has not revoked it.

Thanks Saurabh. I have got confirmation from attorney that its not revoked. I am just thinking why US consulate is involved for checking when visa, i94 and i129s is valid till next year. Attorney told me that since your back to India, an headsup is needed from consulate for reuse of same visa. I also fall well within 1 continous year with company A in last 3 years bracket. So even this is not a problem.

Maybe attorney wants to be extra cautious. Hopefully they will get the same feedback that new visa is not required.

Thanks Saurabh. US consulate has confirmed that visa can be reused :slight_smile: Thanks for spending time in replying to my query.

Good to know that you don’t have to go through visa stamping again! Safe travels.