Blanket L1-B Expired, I-94 Valid, Renewal from Canada

Hi All,
I have gone through a lot of posts here, but nothing specific to my condition.

Here is my situation:

  • Blanket L1B expire Sep-19
  • I-94 Valid until July-20
  • PED Valid Aug-20
  • B1/B2 Active until 2025

Currently I am in US, rather then going to India for Blanket L1-B VISA renewal If I go to Canada, is it a good idea?
We will have 2 scenarios in this case:

  1. I get L1-B approved and fly back to US from Canada and continue my stay
  2. If the opposite happens, since I still have B1/B2 visa active, can I enter US comfortably or it can be troublesome.

Also what are the chances of Blanket L1-B renewal from Canada.

Please respond asap, time is crucial.