Big 4 Consulting or Desi Consulting?

Guys, got a good offer from Big-4 but they process only EB3 after six month of joining. Right now in India and I got valid H1 stamping for 2 more years with my current desi employer, who is willing to file in EB2 now. But from my point of view, I would like to go to India whenever I want without thinking of anything and would not face the uncertainty in stamping anytime again. Is it worth going for EB3 for this reason and my options in future, if I take any of these routes. Please pour in your thoughts, as it might help me decide my path.

Both EB-2 and EB-3 India is backlogged. So there is no easy win over here. Although EB-2 is better than EB-3, but may still take 4-6 years for dates to become current (this is when you can apply for AP which allows free movement in and out of US w/o hassle of visa stamping).

Besides, one can come through an employer have GC filed through them and then change employer to have another GC filed through them. Under certain circumstances, the person can even retain the priority date.

Whether the petition can be filed as EB-2 or EB-3 also depends upon the job requirements and your qualifications. If the person has done only Bachelors then at least 5 years of relevant work experience (outside the GC sponsoring company) is required for EB-2.

I agree. So do you suggest I can take up this offer, process EB3 and later port the PD, when things are smooth?

If I were you, I will go for company which gives better pay and job experience in US, and later decide whether to stick w/ it or move to another company. I won’t worry about EB-3 or EB-2 for now.

Hi Saurabh
In order to qualify for EB2, is it mandatory to have 5 years of work experience (outside the GC sponsoring company)? Because in my case, I have 6 years of experience with my company who is my first employer. So do you say that my employer cannot file under EB2?

Usually, they do not consider the experience earned at the sponsoring employer. You can still check w/ your attorney about your specific case.

ok, thanks Sarabh