Better Option to work in US-masters or f1 to h1b conversion


I am Interested to work in US,since I I didnt got right opportunity even after working in indian mnc for past 5 yrs.I came to know abt below options to get work in US.Please let me know pros and cons of the below options…

1.Apply masters in US to get F1 visa and to look for H1b sponsership once I go to US on F1 visa

2.Complete masters in 1 yr or more and then find right sponser for H1B.



  1. You will be using F-1 visa as a pretext to enter US and look for H-1 sponsors. Although H-1 may still get approved in this case, you would still have misused F-1 visa. Besides, cap opens in April and gets over within couple of months. So you may or may not have enough time to find employers.

  2. Cleaner than (1). You can check w/ school if they issue OPT, which will give you more time to work in US prior to H-1 and enough time to make through the cap. If you qualify, you may be eligible for 17 month OPT extension as well.