Best way to bring my spouse after F1 rejection?

Hello, I am going to complete my PhD during April 2017, I am getting married during February 2017. My Fiancee Visa was rejected when she recently attended F1 visa (Marital Status: Single) during December 2016.

Will this F1 will make an impact or burden as she will attend F2 visa after wedding?

My i-20 is valid until August-2017 and visa until 2018 but I am completing my PhD by April 2017 (Fully funded)

If I have to apply my OPT, when can I apply?

Hence, which is the best way to bring her to the USA (1. as F1/F2 i.e. before April 2017, 2. F2-OPT i.e. After April 2017, or H1-H4 (non-profit organisation H1-whcih may take few month to get approved).