best time to apply for GRE & TOEFL for fall winter admission 2013

Hi all Thanks for all the info.Just some queries b4 decidng to do MS in computer science from USA…

  1. Wat will be the overall cost for MS in computer science in Grade A University in USA.Imean Tuition fees hostel and living expenses in approx?

2.Wat are the different admision periods like WINTER & FALLSession ?Which session is gud to join as per campus placement is concerned.

3.when is the best time to apply for GRE & TOEFL for fall winter admission so that one can have sufficient time to apply for fall winter admissions 2013 in Different US university for MS in Computer science?

4.How long will it take to get the GRE and TOEFL scores after appearing the exams?

5.Wats kind of visa provisions are there for MS studies in USA and how to apply for them and wat would be the approx cost to apply for such Visa.

6.Wat are the different scholarships available and how to avail those scholarships.

  1. How is the current scenarion for MS in Computer science inUSA.Is there a gud chance of getting placement if one passes from grade A college.

  2. How much weightage is given genrally for work exp,academic record & GRE Score for making selection to Grade A Universities.I hv 4 yrs of IT experience in IT companies and 2 yrs Banking experience as Probationary Officer and currently my age is 28. Academic Score 10th - 75.8% 12th 66.44% 7.99 CGPA.Will I be able to make to Grade A university for MS in computer science with my above academic record and work experience?

By the time I would complete my MS I would Have crossed 30.will Tech companies consider me for placement at the age of 30.

Please I know these are lot of ques but I sincerely request you to drop me a reply to these queries so tht i could go ahead to decide to do MS inUS.