Best Options to move from H1B Visa as my company has laid me off

Hi There, I am reaching out for help to understand what are the best options I can choose while being on H1B currently with an expiry date of Sep 2023. My current employer (acquired part of my previous employer) and hence gave me a termination date with 1st week of Sep 2023. Ive been applying outside and internally nothing has worked except for contract roles where no one responds after knowing I am on H1B.

Please help me with how to go about this situation, should I meet an Immigration lawyer, or go on H4 or continue looking for full time opportunities or accept a contract role?

Thank you! Await to hear back from you at the earliest.
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You may have a 60 days grace period starting the last day of your employment termination which buys you more time to look for H1B employer.
You may change status to H4 if your spouse is in a valid H1B status.
You may also change to other nonimmigrant status such as F1 if you intend to join a school.

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