Before applying for OPT can I travel to any other country and stamped my F1 visa as I have changed H4 to F1?


I need some help regarding OPT .I was in H4 status.And my F1 got approved on1st february.I am graduating by 13th May.

I am planning to apply for OPT.

I got two I 20 from my university.Where they mentioned about the opt start date that is 16th May.I will mail it to uscis.

But I really want to travel to my home country.

Previously I thought once I got the employment in OPT I can travel.But there could be problem as my f1 is not stamped.

But my visa was expired and my H4 extension approved.Than I applied for F1.And F1 got approved.

I was never out of status.But My visa is not stamped after the extension of H4 or F1 approval.

So My question is before mailing OPT form to uscis can I travel to any other country and stamped my F1 visa?

what is the easiest way plz let me know.

And than after that during OPT can If I get job I want to travel to my home country with new I-94.

Will there be any problem?

Plz help me. I am at the edge of pick time.

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For F-1 stamping you should go to your home country and not any other country.

As you will be attending the standing before your graduation date, you may still be ok. File OPT after you return from the trip, or check with DSO if OPT can still be processed while you are outside of US.

Thanks for the reply.
My OPT date has already been given by the college and my application also delivered to USCIS.In that situation after or before approval of OPT can I travel?

My F1 is not stamped yet.Can I travel after OPT get approved? Or it will not be possible as my F1 is not stamped…
Please Reply…

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Read section on “Travel While OPT Application is Pending” over here:

If you appear for stamping after graduating, then it can go either way.

Thanks again.

So does that mean while I am on OPT I can not stamping from India?

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It should be avoided as much as possible. If travel is a must, then give it a try.

Thanks again…
Can I travel now as in my I-20 its mentioned course end date is 13th May.
But already I mailed to USCIS fot OPT.

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Read the article I mentioned above. It has the information.

Thanks for your guidance.According to your article I found that Its advisable to present while opt application is pending to do immediate action if I got any RFE.
What I am planning is to have a short time travel for 3-4 days. And In my absence my husband will be able to send any document if required during these times.
My concern is I already applied for opt with I-94.
But If I travel then I will get a new I-94 while entering in US. here I have one query,do I need to submit or update my new I-94.If yes, where I have to update. please let me know.

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks & Regards

I don’t think you need to submit new I-94 after entering US. If that would have been the case, the article would have also mentioned the same as it would have been applicable to everyone traveling outside of US w/ pending OPT.