BA with IT experience! Can I apply for H1B?

I have done my Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Economics) which is of 3yrs and I have 6 plus years of IT Experience.

I also have certifications like CCNA, MCSE.

Please advice! Am I eligible to apply H1B? If not, doing one year MBA in IT would help become eligible?

Please let me know your suggestions!!

To qualify for H-1, you need to have equivalent of 4 years of US Bachelors degree.

It is better to get education evaluation done in your case. It will then tell you what’s the US equivalent of your education. Let’s say it comes out as 3 years. Then you would need 3 years of relevant work experience. As you have 6 years of experience, you would qualify. But if US equivalent comes out as <2 years, then you would not qualify.

Recently, USCIS has raised lots of RFEs related to employee’s qualification and specialized knowledge. It is better to be prepared with all necessary documents to strengthen your case.