B2 visitor visa rejected twice. - need help

My parents attended B2 visa interview 2 times and 2 times rejected. I have h1b visa.
The questions in both interview almost says like why are you going, how long will staty in USA, family details and
income details. Though they have answered well, but visa has been rejected.

but in second time, before deniel,the visa officer took my parent passports and went inside.
After 10 minutes, he came back to desk and scanned both parents and said that visa has been denied.

I want to understand why the Visa officer took only passports inside and scanned only them.
I want to know whats happening inside office with passports, because we want to apply again.

If any body any idea, please share your thoughts.


Did they give any written or oral reason for denial both the times?
Answering well doesnt guarantee the issuance of visa.
Your parents ties back to India and their age, current profession etc plays a role in getting the immigration officer to believe that they will for sure, leave the United States once the visa time is over.
Closely evaluate what you have presented in the application? What questions were asked, what was answered, what the total episode gives an impression(from the Immigration officer point of view, not from your point of view) and patch the missing or gray areas for the next attempt.

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