B2 Visa - one of Freind is sponsoring me


My friend (who is a Angrez, US citizen) we become friend online, he outsourced me some work , during our onilne chat/discussion, he was impressed with me and we became good friend.

I always expressed visiting US (its everyones dream now a days :slight_smile: ), looking at my enthuism he said that he will sponsor me and he will look after my food, accomodation etc i’ll bear visa & air ticket cost. I am finacially strong but not as strong as i can sponser myself. so i need a sponsor.

I also have few friends (but no blood relation with them) whom i also would like to meet if i get into US + visit the places like new york , washington etc

so my question is :

how easy/tough is it to get through the visa process ?

can i get approval easily or should i try other method i.e. B1 etc ?


According to http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1262.html,

B2 is meant for “visit with friends or relatives” as one of the clause.

B1 is much easier.

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is B1 is easier then B2 ?

note i am not an employee nor a partner with the US company, how can i go on B1 visa ? one of the requirement for B1 is

" A letter from employer requesting the Visa for the applicant addressed to consulate, indicating the purpose and length of the trip as well as the company’s/ firm’s intent to bear the costs of the entire trip, including lodging , food, medical and other expenses. "

and as stated i am not an employee , so don’t you think in my case B2 is the only option with higher chances or acceptance ??

also i needed to be there around 2-3 months , is it possible on B2 to stay that long ?


Can anyone help me. i need to submit the visa application soon.


You have to go for B-2. The requirements are:

  • valid purpose of travel: Show them why you want to visit US, what your itinerary is, who is supporting/sponsoring you etc
  • not a potential immigrant: Show them that you have financial/social ties w/ home country and will return after the visit