B2 Visa Mother's Name Question


My mother lives in New Delhi India. Her B2 Visa expired in April 2017, she is planning a visit so she wants to apply for a new B2 Visa. Her name is Jane Doe (example) but often in India people write their names as D.Jane and so, her passport was issued as First Name = Doe and Last Name = Jane. Her prior TWO B2 Visas were issued as Doe Jane She made three visits in the last 25 years with no trouble.

But last month the VAC in New Delhi has instructed her to fill out the DS-160 with First Name = FNU (First Name Unknown) Last Name = Jane. Have the rules changed? Why would they tell her that?

Does anyone know if there will be a problem doing it this way? Will the Embassy create a problem when her new form name does not match her old Visa name?

Thank you
Owyhee Canyon

DS-160 name should just follow the one in passport. You can call VFS and discuss why they are suggesting otherwise.


Thanks so much for your response