B2 visa for Parents In Law(PIL) before/after retirement ? - 31st March 2017

Hi Saurabh,Please suggest on below two casesCouple of weeks back my parents visitor visa got rejected and got 214(b), our random guess# he found my parents income(total 40,000 - mentioned in ds160 as 20,000 for each parent) on a lower side(who own/run a sanitary retail store{business} since last 2 year and before this my dad used to own/run Retail consumer[kirana] store and my mom was English teacher in couple of schools ) [ though I mentioned my self as sponsor for their trip]# I(in US on H1B since 1.7 yrs) visited India just 6 months back (but the reason they told to visit USA is to meet me[married with 4+ yr kid] and to tour some places like CA)to show stronger ties with india:#they have lot of property(which officer never asked for)#[this was asked in the interview] has younger son(my bro) who is preparing for civil services as of nowOfficer just seen my passport and visa copy, except that he never asked for any other docI will try to apply for them again after 6+ months, please share your inputs on the abovecase #2Apart from this, when should my P-I-L(Parents-in-law) apply for visitor visa (me being sponsor for their trip partially) to tour few places like CA. My F-I-L is going to retire on 31st Mar’17 from govt bank (but has no govt restrictions to go out of country to tour USA/etc as of now also)Should he(and my M-I-L{housewife}) apply and go for visa stamping now or after retirement. Which one is more favorable to get visitor visa ?[[My H1b transfer is going through now in PP, and I will be joining new company(both companies are good and big MNCs) at same location by Feb start]] - Hope this has no impact on my P-I-L applying for B2 tourist visa # P-I-L are at par(11+ lpa, have own house, son married and earning good in India IT) to sponsor their trip. Me being sponsor will inc/decrease chances ?# P-I-L are planning to visit us in July’17Note: They just want to trip for 3 weeks

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