B2 Visa - Clarification needed on mandatory docs and supporting docs

Hello all, I have initiated the B2 visa process for my parents and their interview has been scheduled next week. My question is - Should the supporting documents (invite letter, bank statement of sponsor, visa copy of sponsor, affidavit and such related docs) be presented along with the mandatory docs (DS-160, Appointment confirmation et al) to the visa officer during the interview? Or should these supporting docs be presented only if asked for? I am confused as I have been told that these supporting docs should be presented only if asked for. The reason I am asking this is, since the supporting docs are the ones that strengthen the case, why not present in proactively? Any inputs are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

IMO, they should carry these documents and present to the officer only when asked for. If they receive the whole packet, they may not know what to search for, what’s the order etc.

My 2 cents.

You are over thinking. The officers do not decide your case on the basis of you giving to them anything proactively. If they need more documents they will ask. If they find your case satisfying they will approve.

Thanks Saurabh… Appreciate your prompt reply!

Thank you… Thought it’d be better to get it clarified.