B1 Visa Process during H1b Visa Processing.

Hi all,

I am working in some company A and my H1B petition has applied by some other company B. The H1B is picked and is approved by USCIS, and also I have filled the DS160 but not scheduled interview yet, Meanwhile my Present company A is processing B1. So does this B1 process effects on my H1B which is done by other company B.

Is two companies A and B has different DS-160 forms or same?

What should I mention during B1 - DS160 form filling, like below question

Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?


And can I start process H1B procedure after B1 trip.

So I am in confusion, how to handle this situation because my current company does not know about my H1B Procedure.

So kindly please share or provide suggestions how to approach.

Thanks in advance.

  1. DS forms will be different as they ask information about employer/petitioner and receipt information. You should completed 2 separate DS forms.

  2. No Immigrant petition has been filed as that refers to I-140

  3. You can appear for B-1 stamping now and H-1B later. However, when you appear for H-1B stamping in future, consulate may cancel B-1 stamp w/o prejudice. So you will have to time it with your B-1 travel so that you can use it.