B1 to H4 in i94 (i have both visa, but do i need to exit and enter to change status in i94)


Thanks to community for helping out other people with doubts and questions.
I have both B1 and H4 visa.
Currently i am on business trip , so on B1 visa. my purpose of visit will be done in few weeks and i have return ticket.

I am planning to come back on H4 visa to stay with my spouse.
My questions,

  1. is it requried to exit country and come again to change the visa type in i94 ?

  2. Is it possible to get it done from US itself ? (i can save money for flight for coming back)

  3. how long does it take if i do this visa type change from here in US ?

Thanks a lot friends for taking out time to reply…

Hi Friends, kindly provide your valuable inputs. very much appreciated and waiting for it. Thanks…