b1 revoked ,H1b pending?????????

my husband was having a b1 visa since 2006 for 10 years and we got married in feb 2011 my visapetition was applied in sep 2011 it was a dependant b1 visathey denied my visa and revoked my husbands b1 then the company applied for H1b visa after an year after my husband’s inter view the lady said she is making a case of this petetion and she need further administrative work to be done on her side before taking a decesion .

i want to knw why she may have kept his passport and what r the chances of my hubby getting the visa and hw much time it may take?

pls ans anybody pls

Dear ushardhana,

Things got messed up when you applied for visa in sept 2011.

There is nothing like dependent B1 visa.Each visa application is decided individually in case of B1 , B2 visa. What you meant was different. What consulate viewed was different.This resulted in denial of yr visa and a harsh measure of cancellation of yr husband’s visa.Normally in cases such as yours either wife is granted visa or denied visa. But Husband’s visa cancellation is not normal.

However past is past.I have a fair idea about what went wrong where.

All said, yr husband should get his H1 b visa in due course of time.