B1/B2 visitor visa - Interview Experience


I have been on visitor visa to USA in 1989 & H1 visa from Nov 2009 to 3rd Feb 2010. I am planning to apply for visitor visa soon. What are the chances of getting a visa & should I & my wife apply together or only myself. I already have a social security number. What if one gets a job while on visitor visa in USA.



In general, it should be fine and you should be able to get visa easily as you have been there before and they have all of your record. If you have no overstays or any immigration related violations, it should be fine.
Getting a B1/B2 visa is quite straightforward, all they want to make sure you are going to come back after your visit. So, showing anything that indicates your ties back home would be good enough.

Thanks for the reply. What if I get a job while in USA on visitor visa ? Should me and my wife apply together. Any chances of rejection if I apply alone.



Getting a job offer does not mean you can work, you need to have proper work authorization, so need to file COS. Applying together is better, but does not make any difference for visa officer… Decision of visa is based on many things and hard to give a generic answer. People have all these pre-conceived notions on approvals and rejections, but does not work that…everyone has a perspective and may not be logical. All you should do focus on your intent to travel and submit / carry documentation as needed for the same and answer with confidence

Thanks for your reply. Me & my wife have scheduled an interview for 21st Aug 2019. We have our IT returns, Salary certificate, Self owned property documents, daughters school bonafide certificates, Sponsorship letter from my maternal uncle. Lets hope for the best.


Achal Amin

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Good Luck. Do share your experience after the interview here for community benefit.


Me & my wife got the visitor visa within 4 minutes of interview.

  1. When have you been to USA before.
    1989 Visitor visa & 2009 on H1 visa.

  2. Since how long are you working in current job
    1 1/2 years.

  3. What were you doing previously ?
    I had a retail business.

  4. What type of retail Business?
    Ladies Accessories

  5. Are you going for tourism purpose ?
    No, I am going specifically to meet my maternal uncle,

  6. Is he a USA citizen.

My wife was just asked one question,

Are you doing your business from a shop.

No, she answered. I make the products from home.

The gujarati translator replied back by saying our visa has been granted by the officer.

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Awesome, Congrats. Thanks for sharing.