B1/B2 Visa Renewal 221(g) - White Slip - Ds-5535

Dear Team Members,

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I applied for renewal of B1/B2 Visa as a new application, got the appointment after a year long wait,

Appeared in the interview and was very smooth, only few questions asked nothing much, general questions like

Year of last visit - places visited , overall that went very well,

At the end VO said to my Wife congratulations while smiling your visa is approved and handed over the Blue slip of Approval, and said for all four of you, Myself - 3 Kids we need some additional information and we will contact you over email,

and handed over White Slip 221(g) & Passports Returned

After 2 hour received the email to submit additional information of DS-5535 over email in editable word text only,

Responded to them in next day within email as they said to reply to this email,

However its been almost 58 days and there is no update or response

Wife passport received after 4 days with 5 Year / M Visa

in the meanwhile I was not aware that Kids under the age of 14 may get the visa via drop box, and I took them to physical interview

Interview 15 Feb-2022 Islamabad

Already had B1/B2 Visa -2013-2018 Visited 3 Times and came back within allowed timeframe

Last visited in 2017

Category B1/B2

Wife - House Wife

Myself - Private Job Corporate Sector - Mid Senior Level

Was on AP for 30 days when I applied first time, Security Clearance Received is mentioned on the visa

Would you recommend me to contact them over the same email to get an update

Please suggest


You can contact the consulate to check on the update however you may not get any response until they are done verifying the information for all of you who haven’t been issued the visa yet.