B1/B2 visa rejected will it have impact on my F1 visa?


4months back i have appeared for tourist visa and got rejected in Hyderabad, as i am young and can’t approve it because of my age.

Now i am going for F1 visa to study in US. Does that B1/B2 visa rejection have impact on my F1 visa.

This time I am planning to go for Chennai. Will it be helpful?

Please suggest.

Generally it wouldn’t create any problem because you are going for F1 visa now. But try carry all the relevant documentation with out fail. Compare to Hyderabad, Chennai is the right choice.

Thank you…Will the previous rejection appears for the VO.

You will be asked reasons for previous B-1 application and now an F-1. Tell them you wanted to visit the US before deciding on a school but since B-1 visa got rejected, you are now directly going for an F-1 and hoping for the best. There is no need to change consulates, and be truthful on your DS form - always.

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Did you get your visa approval?