B1/B2 re-extension for my mother during COVID-19 situation


My mother travelled to US in February 2020 and had her I-94 valid until end of August 2020. I filed for her extension until Feb 10, 2021 in June due to the COVID situation and since she is 70+. Her extension is still pending. Due to the new COVID-19 mutations I am hesitant to send her back in February as originally planned as she lives alone in Mumbai. I wanted to see if it would be ok if I filed for 2-3 month extension that way she can hopefully get vaccinated here and safely travel back to India.

Anyone else in this same situation? Any advice for my situation??

Well, this is a difficult situation for many. In regular times, it is not recommended. But, now, these are unprecedented times. So, you can file it under extreme situations.
Get a letter from a doctor indicating her risk of travel and flights availability issues as well and give it a shot. What we do not know is, if they will approve or not… If they deny it, then there is a risk that her B1 will have to stamped again at home country for next entry. This is based on some attorneys and no clear refernce that I can find…
Think about it and take an informed decision.

Will they go to the extent of canceling B1/B2? That’s very risky