Available slots for h1b stamping in chennai consulate

I would like to know the earliest available slots in the month of dec 2012 to Jan 2013. Could anybody help me out in letting me know the dates in chennai consulate? Would like to attend the interview by december end or Jan first week.

One of my friends was also looking for the same today & he was able to book slots only on 31st December, others were full.

You can book your slot & reshcedule it upto twice for free in case a earlier dates is made available due to cancellation by someone else.

Thanks for your answer

What you see is no true at the time of date and slot selection. though it shows there are no available dates for the current week or the next week, the slots will open up later. the same happened for me. I was constantly checking for dates and nothing was available for the date i was comfortable with, and just 3 days before the date i was intending to attend the slots opened up… its all about patience and continous check…