Authenticity of Intriv Inc. as a H1B sponsor.

How is their service? Do they really return money if your application is not selected in lottery process? Any one having any experience with this consultantcy or any info please share.

hi ,

Are you trying from india or usa ?

I am trying from India…

I am also trying to find out about this employer … let me know if you find anything. Thing which is worrying me is that they are communicating via outlook and not via official email address.

Exactly… Even I have also the same concern .Also they are asking not to discuss fees or cost related stuff in their official mail id.Quite worrisome…

with whom you are in touch with? and are you proceeding with them?

Received mail from some one called Rose Mery. I have not made any final decisions.Things are very complicated :frowning:

hi hav u got any info about this employer?

Finally I am not proceeding with them.

Any information you got about that employer???

They will keep you on bench for 4-5 months, after that they will ask you to go back to India without giving you any salary!! BE EXTRA CAREFUL

I have applied with them. They said I’m not picked in lottery. However there is no proof if they have applied. But I believe they have applied based on my communication with them and my gut feeling. But you never know.

Next part is fee refund. I’m still waiting for refund. Lot of my friends who applied with other consultancies and not picked in lottery have already got the refund. The Intriv guys keep postponing it forever. I still have hope that they will send it, but this is not a situation anyone want to be in. I will update the thread again after I get the refund.

Hey, was your refund processed? Have you been able to get satisfactory replies from the concerned people?

Check this link

There is a receipt from USCIS that your application is not picked, please ask Intriv to give you that receipt.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) returns these cases with all forms and documents intact. This includes the checks submitted as filing fees. These checks are not cashed; they are returned with the “rejected” package. Each package also should include a notice of action form from the USCIS that lists the names of the petitioner and the beneficiary, along with boilerplate text explaining that the case “…was not among those randomly selected for processing.”

Intriv Inc is under Department of Labor Investigation for doing a big Fraud.

If you had made a bank transfer to Intriv for H1B processing, email that bank transfer details to Department of Labor stating that they have taken a money from you for filing H1B and now they are not giving your money back neither they are giving any proof of submitting your application.

Yes they have sent refund of $4k for a payment of $5.3k. It was agreed earlier so I was fine.

Good to know you got it back.

Most desi consultancy take money.

Good to know that you got your money back.
Did they give you notice from USCIS that you are not picked in the lottery? If they have not given you that notice, then they have not filed your H1b petition for lottery. As per you they charged $5.3k and returned $4k, still they made $1.3k from you. This is an easy way of money for them.