Hello Everyone,

There is a consultancy named Ark IT Services. Let me tell you all that it is 100% fake. It promises to get you H1B Visa but they all just trick you all the way through the process. They pretend as if you are going through the process but actually they do nothing about it after taking the money that is 1500$ from you. In the first week of April during the commencement of H1B filing, they will just say your LCA got rejected sending a fake e-mail where your LCA number would not even be revealed. If at all they inform you that your LCA got approved you can never expect your H1B to be approved as they never follow any process. They just take your money wait for few months pretending to be hiring the attorney for you and filing the H1B. But, in reality, they do nothing. I don’t know till now how many people have been fooled by them Please please beware of this consultancy.

There are fake of course, they have never ever filed an LCA let alone get an H1B stamped.

yes they are 100 % fake.

they will sign LOI from client to be selected.

then they will say LCA is rejected

never ever get trapped in their Process

they are fake …

Exact Same scenario with me Pure Fraud company , he took $1000 from me , he conducted my interview with a fake guy sent me a fake offer letter from MIL corporation and at the time of H1B filling did not file any H1 never responded back , his phone is out of service , ARK IT Service Aka MIL corporation and god knows what else is a fake company you will keep writing emails they will never respond back this is a big time H1B fraud these guys are doing every year.