Are you looking for an H1b transfer and Green Card?

Secureapp Technologies is headquartered in New Jesry with partners all over the United States. We are an IT Consulting & Services company, providing businesses the technology and human resources they need to meet their Information Technology goals. We are looking for quality consultants who are looking for an H1B Transfer who would fit into jobs offered by our clientele. At Secureapp Technologies we believe that anything is possible with the right team of people

[b]1)  We practice what we preach.[/b]

[b]2)  Green Cards and H1B’s are filed with reputed Law Firms with decades of years of experience located in CA, IA, DC and five other prime locations.[/b]

[b]3) We pay our consultants on time every time and provide them with benefits.[/b]

[b]4) We compensate our consultants with a competitive salary package.[/b]

[b]5) We are flexible and easy to work with. [/b]

[b]6) Our consultants are our pride and we treat them with respect. [/b]

[b]7) Each consultant is assigned to an Account Manager, Recruiter and a Visa counseling specialist throughout your career with [/b]Secureapptech Technologies.

[b]Technologies and Jobs we supply for our clients with our years of experience and specialty are as follows,[/b]

[b]1)[/b]     [b]Business Analyst[/b]

[b]2)[/b]     [b]Data Analyst[/b]

[b]3)[/b]     [b]Java Developer[/b]

[b]4)[/b]     [b].Net Developer[/b]

[b]5)[/b]     [b]Project managers[/b]

[b]6)[/b]     [b]Information Security Analyst[/b]

[b]7)[/b]     [b]ORACLE /SQL DBA[/b]

[b]8)[/b]     [b]Testers[/b]

[b]9)[/b]     [b]SAP[/b]

[b]We are looking for H1b candidates that are looking for an H1b transfer to work with our clientele all over the USA, as mentioned in the points above Green Cards are processed for all our consultants under EB2, a competitive compensation plus benefits are also provided.  Placement assistance is also provided through qualified technical recruiters.[/b]

[b]We don’t find you a job, we make your job find you.[/b]

[b]Contact our career counselors now:[/b]


504 322 7090 

Secureapptech Technologies