Are pay slips mandatory to transfer from company A to company B


I applied H1b visa from F1 visa. I got my H1b visa approved through a consulting company valid from 01/05/2016 to 09/18/2018 but I received my approval notice on March 7 2016 and currently I am not on project

  1. Should I be paying taxes from Jan or March?

  2. I am getting full-time permanent positions from company B. So if I need to join in the month of April, do I still require pay slips to transfer the process. If I did not have, what will be the situation?

Kindly explain the process of visa transfer in detail

  1. Your immigration status would have changed to H-1 from Jan 1. So you should be getting paid and paying taxes from that date.

  2. You need to show that you are in valid status. This required payslips for the period you were on H-1. If you don’t have payslips, they may still approve the H-1 but w/ consular processing. So you have to leave US, get H-1 visa stamped and return on it before starting to work for B.

BTW, I assume that H-1 was approved w/ I-94 attached i.e. w/ COS.