Are original invitation letters required for grad ceremony (B2 visa) URGENT!!!

Are original transcripts of student and original invitation letters from university required for attending visa interview(B2 visa) by the parents?

[b]Can parents show the students address as their temporary residing address in visa interview?[/b]

Is travel itinerary required for visa interview?

You dont need transcript but it is always good to send a copy or official transcript copy because they may ask anything.and address you can show as your current address.and about invitation letter you can send a copy or fax if you do not have enough time to send an original.because they know that most of university have their grad ceremony in the month of may.and you need to send your passport and visa copy with I-20 copy.and you need to send them affidevit of support if you have enough money in your account here.otherwise they can show their money in his account in homecountry bank which should be enough for all expenses including ticket,accomodation,food,medical,etc.approx 5000$ for a 10days trip approx.