Are international graduate students with an graduate assistantship eligible for instate tuition fee.

I am an international student from China. I recently graduated from University of Washington as a Master of Library and Information Science. I am going to attend another graduate education program at central washingtong university and got an assitantship by working in their university library. But the central washington university told me that I am not eligible for in state tuition fee because of I am an international student. It is their univeristy’ policy that only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for out-of-state tuition fee waiver but not international student. I feel so bad about their policy. I already got admitted by the educational program and got the graduate assistantship. But I definately cannot afford the out of state differential portion of the tuition fee.

I read some discussion in this forum said that "it is very clear that if you have a TA, RA or GA, you get in state tuition". So I wonder does anyone know if there is a law for that? Or where I can find the reference for that. I want to use it as an evidence to argue with the Central Washington University. 

Thanks so much for your help. I feel I am discriminated because I am an international student. I want to fight for my right.

CWU is subject to rule RCW 28B. 15 of the State of Washington. Have you checked what the State law is? They have to follow whatever it is. This could be a mistake as you have to prove intent to live in Washington to qualify for in-state. This is not difficult.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,