Are first time stamping (COS) exempted?

I am currently on H1B (change of status from L1) since 2019 and have not travelled to India yet. My wife travelled to India in Feb 2020 and is stuck there. We got an appointment for March 2021 which later was cancelled by consulate.

My question is, since Trump proclamation is extended until Mar 31,2021, if I by any chance get normal or expedited appointment for my wife for H4( first time H4 stamping ) is she exempted from the rule as I am in US since 2019 ?

I was checking in fragomen website which says-

"Under the amendment, foreign nationals are exempt from the proclamation if they hold a valid visa in one of the restricted categories and are seeking entry to the United States pursuant to that visa. Those holding a valid visa in another category – such as F-1 or B-1 – will not be able to obtain a new H, L or J visa while the proclamation is in force, though changes of status within the United States should not be affected, including changes of status to H-1B "

Please clarify as in below Red2bus link, the summary table says something else