Are bank statements mandatory to carry in H1 visa interview

Hi everyone,

                       Iam attending H1 visa interview end of this month in hyderabad. Previously I worked in UK, Could any one please tell me whether I need to carry  the bank statements while going to the H1 visa interview. If it is mandatory then for past how many months bank statements I need to carry i.e. past 3 months or 6 months bank statements. Please help me out from this issue.


Thank you.

guys pls if anyone can help me out, pls provide ur answer for this question urgently :frowning:

It depends on the VO and your luck. Most probably s/he would not ask for it. I attended H1 interview Today (17th September), and that gentlemand did not even ask for my original petition, he was happy with the petition photo copy, my BEP letter, DS-160 confirmation letter. No other document was asked. However once again, it does not mean that these are the standard set of questions that s/he would ask for.

I hope it helps.

thanks for ur answer pankaj …
but i have another query. I heard that people currently working in India are not being asked but the people working in some other country like UK have to show bank statements. Is this true??

Rohini, I have never heard of it or read it on any blog. If you have it, you can keep it. But mostly they are trying to ask you about you and your petitioner relation. mostly about the job that you are going to do. Unfortunately there is not a yes or no answer to this question. It will depend on the VO and your luck. With all my gut feeling, I have not heard from anybody that they are asking too many questions. So good luck and relax. :slight_smile: