approximate time it takes after documents submitted for 221 g query

Hi All,

In March 2012, i went to Chennai consulate for H1-B. Visa officer called me for interview and handed over 221 g Green slip. Slip mentioned to submit many documents-Tax returns,photos of employer office etc. i followed with agency and finally after 9 months, they sent the documents. In January, finally i submitted these documents in VFS office in Bangalore. One month over now, i am not hearing any thing from VFS or Consulate.

Approximately how much time this might take of documents are all perfect ?

What are the chances of petition getting revoked as documents are submitted after long period of 9 months ?

Thanks all for the help…

There is no set processing time. It can take few weeks to several months.

As long as you submitted the documents within a year of 221g issuance, they should still process the case.

Thanks Saurabh.VFS did take my email Id and cell phone and informed me that based on case, consulate/they will mail me.

Hi Saurabh,
Do you think i need to contact Consulate ? i don’t see my case number in PDF file consulate regularly updates on their site.

As there is no set processing time, it can take weeks or months for the number to appear. You can contact them, but there response will not provide any new information.

I got a mail from ustraveldocs that your documents are collected from consulate/embassey. Passport status shows “Ready to pickup” even thogh i have never submitted passport to them!
I found from the employer that client has replied negatively to request to Department of state.
Do you think it makes sense to go to VFS office? This already means that visa will not be issued as client has responded that “employer services are not required” ?

Sorry for the late reply. What happened to your case?