Approved h4 Petition and change of name


My husband is on H1B in ABC company and I am on H4 visa since last two years. My passort is of before marriage and therefore my approved H4 petition is also of my maiden name i.e. Name before marriage.

Now, I am in India on visit and my husband is in USA. While I am in India, I have changed my name in my passport to include my spouse name recently. Now, I need to go for stamping before coming back to USA.

I have following question:

a. Do we need to arrange for amended petition for change of my name before going for stamping?

b. if yes, then do we need to arrange or employer will file amended petition?

c. since I am expecting baby in India now, do we need to have approved petition for baby as well before going for stamping for baby along with me.

d. Do we need to take baby for interview?

Thanks in advance.


  1. No amendment required. Just carry your husband’s latest 797, your passport and complete DS form accordingly.

  2. The petition you are referring to, is filed only when you are inside US and want to extend/change H-4 status. Did you have this petition when you first entered US? Probably not, and so no change required

  3. The child needs H-1 visa stamped. The child is eligible for interview waiver program, and you can carry the baby’s passport for stamping along w/ yours.

  4. No. Refer (3) and search online for interview waiver program for children.