Approved H1 petition withdrawn by Employer

Hi Saurabh,

I have read the answers to my question on other threads. However I’m still not completely sure about my scenario and hence reaching to you for advice

My H1 petition got approved in Oct 2012 & I was in India at that time. However in next few months my employer called and informed that they are withdrawing my petition due to some issues at their end. But I was informed that I could come back to US on H4 and transfer my petition. I’m now in US on H4 and tried to check the status of my petition on USICS but there is no record.

I want to know if my petition is still valid? and if I’m able to find a new employer can the petition be continued for transfer? Also is my petition capexempt? Is there a difference between withdrawing a petition and revoking a petition?

Please help in answering my questions