Approved H1 B (Not Stamped) and Applying for L1 A

I stayed in US from Aug 2012 to Sep 2015 in L1 B through Employer ‘A’. Mean while Employer ‘B’ sponsored me H1B during Apr 2015 and petition got picked up in Lottery. After I moved to India my H1B visa got approved for consular processing. I still hold my H1B approved petition without stamping.

  1. If I go for Stamping now(11/2016) will I get full 6 years of H1B quota(since I stayed one year outside US)?
  2. If L1B period will be considered (6-L1B stay), then if I transfer my H1B to new Employer will I get my full quota of 6 years?
  3. My Current Employer(Employer A) asking me to file fresh L1A petition immediately. If I appear for L1A Visa interview and gets rejected, what will be status of H1B approved Petition?
  4. For (3) if answer is Valid, Can I get stamping for Employer ‘B’