Approval notice is not yet received for H1B petition


My husband has applied for H1B visa this year through a consultancy by regular process. And it is selected in lottery on June 2016. Still he has not received approval notice and status on USCIS is “Case was Received”

Can anyone please answer my below queries:

  1. Is there any process to get to know the provided receipt no is my husband application no.

  2. How much time regular process takes to provide the approval notice.

Thank you.

Mine is still case received and it was filed April 11, 2016. I wonder the how long to wait until processing time is completed?

  1. Ask employer for the receipt notice i.e. 797C. It would have receipt number and employee’s name.

  2. No set processing time. Could take few more days, weeks or months.

Thank you fro the information.


My husband’s case is approved for H1B, recently we have checked status on USCIS site.

What about you?